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US-1503374-A: Humphrey f patent, US-1503598-A: Refrigerating apparatus patent, US-1503928-A: Pulley manipulator patent, US-1504898-A: Cover for drinking vessels patent, US-1505300-A: Razor-blade-stropping device patent, US-150625-A: Improvement in tempering and forming articles of steel patent, US-1506991-A: Valve construction for internal-combustion engines patent, US-1507091-A: Turing patent, US-1507995-A: Vehicle patent, US-1508168-A: Union coupling for revoluble pipes patent, US-1508238-A: Window ventilator patent, US-1508494-A: Machine fob behoving the booster charge from a high-explosive shell patent, US-1508724-A: Flexible water bag or bucket patent, US-1509177-A: Cycle frame of steel bars patent, US-1509575-A: Process of producing oxalic acid patent, US-150995-A: Improvement ifs patent, US-1510106-A: Door opener patent, US-15108-A: Straw-cutter patent, US-1511005-A: Holder for thread cops or balls patent, US-1511300-A: Tubular mount for train connecters patent, US-1512132-A: Gas and oil burner patent, US-1512477-A: Motion-picture camera patent, US-1512961-A: Manifold patent, US-1513887-A: Window patent, US-1514360-A: Heating apparatus patent, US-1514573-A: Coxnh patent, US-1514765-A: Stereotype-plate mechanism patent, US-151505-A: Improvement in harrows patent, US-1515219-A: Pouring spout patent, US-1516009-A: Electric detonator patent, US-1516776-A: Glare shield patent, US-1517063-A: Means for damping vibratory structures of vibration apparatus patent, US-1517075-A: Process for making emulsified compositions patent, US-1517384-A: Drain cock patent, US-1517706-A: Miter box patent, US-1518087-A: Pipe wrench patent, US-1519160-A: Box carrier patent, US-1519990-A: Pulverizing mill patent, US-1520243-A: Divided grate patent, US-1521240-A: Fence patent, US-1521267-A: Oil pump patent, US-1521492-A: Plumbing installation patent, US-1522507-A: Means for attaching the mop cloth to the head of a mop patent, US-152256-A: Improvement in window-shade hangers patent, US-1522671-A: Combined propelling and steering mechanism for vessels patent, US-1522956-A: Alighting gear for lighter-than-air aircraft patent, US-152328-A: Improvement in transplanters patent, US-1523555-A: Flatiron rest and wire support patent, US-1523713-A: Pressing metal patent, US-1523900-A: Hand racket patent, US-1524000-A: Machine for treating sand and similar material patent, US-1524378-A: Game apparatus patent, US-1525311-A: Calculating machine patent, US-1525425-A: Double-head drinking fountain patent, US-1525852-A: Airplane-lifting device patent, US-1526805-A: Float patent, US-1527452-A: Elevator lock patent, US-1527866-A: Pipe holding and turning means patent, US-1528229-A: Display device patent, US-1529011-A: Book cover patent, US-1529331-A: Electric clock system patent, US-1529483-A: Automatic sliding tail gate patent, US-1529617-A: Bar and sheet heating furnace patent, US-1530113-A: Valve patent, US-1530465-A: Ice-cream-brick cutter patent, US-1530746-A: Carburetor patent, US-153153-A: Improvement in the methods of lacing belts patent, US-1531968-A: Elastic-fluid turbine patent, US-1532576-A: Game apparatus patent, US-1532741-A: Ingot mold patent, US-1532989-A: Machine for cutting, shortening, and shearing the loose threads of machine-made laceand all similar goods patent, US-1533058-A: Tractor-operated implement patent, US-1533095-A: Automatic signaling device patent, US-1533764-A: Bumper for vehicles patent, US-1533980-A: Air-regulating attachment for carburetors patent, US-153432-A: Improvement in breech-loading fire-arms patent, US-1534480-A: Typewriting machine patent, US-1534937-A: Luminous device patent, US-1535311-A: Process of producing substantially pure iron patent, US-1535356-A: Sewing-machine attachment patent, US-1535838-A: Brassiere patent, US-1535910-A: Alloy patent, US-1536770-A: Headlight shade patent, US-153685-A: Improvement in saw-handles patent, US-153694-A: Improvement in clothes-pounders patent, US-1537287-A: Belt attachment patent, US-1537659-A: Blocker for growing vegetation patent, US-1537781-A: Pobation of geemany patent, US-1538689-A: Manufacture and production of threads, filaments, and the like from viscose patent, US-1539352-A: Spring suspension for automobiles patent, US-1539369-A: Underfeed stoker patent, US-1539440-A: Nut forming and drilling machine patent, US-1539651-A: Barrier for ferries, drawbridges, and the like patent, US-1540502-A: Removable drawbar for vehicles patent, US-1541276-A: Joint for the springs of motor vehicles patent, US-1541352-A: Method of and apparatus for mixing materials patent, US-1541614-A: Sash-weight-core-forming device patent, US-1541626-A: Taping machine patent, US-1541962-A: Manufacture of packages of rolled webs of paper patent, US-1542814-A: Shoe heater patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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